Autolyze Consulting
Autolyze Consulting

Autolyze helps good food businesses scale and automate their operations

We are building a resilient good food movement by deploying best-in-class software solutions for our clients, including:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Custom App Development


Our Process


Think you may have outgrown your current software systems and tools? Have unreliable spreadsheets taken over your business operations? Are you losing sleep over the next big customer order that might break your systems?

We can get your food business on the road to operational efficiency and automation through our proven process, appropriately scaled to your good food businesses.



  • SOLUTIONS NOT SOFTWARE - We provide our clients a software-agnostic approach to their operational challenges, believing in a best-in-class approach to software delivery that is tailored to the unique needs of each business. Whether we build it or buy it, we deploy the best tools for the job.

  • OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY - Running a good food business is all about efficiency. Our technology solutions support your business as it grows, addressing the pain points and roadblocks now before they become critical choke points.

  • TECHNOLOGY EXPERTS - Software implementations are notorious for their high failure rate, especially in the food industry. We leverage the same proven methodologies, best practices, and tools used by the biggest companies in the world to bring you a successful deployment.  

  • EXECUTIVE METRICS AND REPORTING - Gain critical insights into your business operations through real-time data collection and reporting solutions that give your leadership a dashboard view of your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).





ERP Deployment (Inventory Management, Accounting, Retail POS)

Autolyze designed and implemented a comprehensive technology solution to support a successful launch of the new Local Foods wholesale and retail facility, working directly with the Local Foods leadership to better understand and define their business processes. Read more about this client success here.


Google Suite Deployment

Our team implemented Google Suite for a local grocery cooperative to help consolidate the business on an enterprise messaging, file storage, and collaboration platform. We coordinated with cross-functional stakeholders from the staff and Board of Directors to migrate critical business data and implement security solutions to support the business through a critical growth period.


CRM & Accounting Deployment

As a growing nonprofit organization, Gardeneers needed to consolidate their organization on a dedicated platform to manage their donor and volunteer relationships, fundraising events, and email campaigns. Autolyze worked with the organization's leadership to identify and deploy a best-fit solution, involving the migration of critical data and deployment of a new enterprise-wide accounting solution.   


Shelby Phillips, Project Manager


Autolyze is a full-circle journey for founder Shelby Phillips. His expertise in food systems began at an early age working in the family beer distribution business until leaving to pursue a consulting career with Accenture.There he worked on large scale technology projects in multiple industries, eventually pursuing an opportunity to serve as Director of The Plant's educational non-profit on Chicago’s southside.

Shelby founded Autolyze in 2014, and is always looking to connect with startups and entrepreneurs in the food system.


Mission & Philosophy

The name Autolyze derives from the traditional baking technique that creates a healthy, sustainable environment for incubating beneficial cultures. Our organization stays true to this principle by helping food businesses and entrepreneurs thrive in harsh environments. Autolyze brings deep technical and industry expertise to support food businesses across the entire supply chain.

We also want to help build a more equitable food system through a focus on equity, cooperation, community, and justice because everyone involved in the value chain deserves to have a  voice and an opportunity to share in the harvest.